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Posted on July 10, 2015

Located in the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountain this ride is definitely an epic ride with some of the best riding and most incredible views that I have enjoyed in Southern California. You will get over 32 miles of riding in on 98 percent single track.

With the low point at the rides end in Kernville at 2,700 feet and the high point of 9,900 feet on Sherman Peak you are guaranteed to get in some epic descents. The primary descent is “The Plunge” where this wonderful single track drops 5,000 feet in just 8 miles. This ride is not an all fun and games ride as there are a couple of grinder climbs that combined with the altitude will certainly wipe the small off your face for a while. This ride is well worth the drive to Kernville and the hour long shuttle from just about anywhere.

Cannell Plunge
Location : Kernville
Coordinates : 35.9900232, -118.3663502

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